You’re Yearning

to Do Something Meaningful

(even if you live abroad)

You Have An Idea, Sort Of


It Won’t Leave You Alone

(& is starting to bug you like a mosquito)


But it won’t show itself clearly


Get Clarity . . . Move Forward 

“You’re like Tony Robbins.”

-Claudia Raine; Switzerland, England, & Romania  ( she wasn’t even being sarcastic when she said it )


 Here you’ll find resources to help you get beautiful clarity 

about who you really are & what you really want to create

so you can finally have the life you want

even if you live abroad

(& haven’t had your morning coffee).


It’s time to sink into your Deep Velvet Yes.


I’m Christine.

When I first moved abroad, I integrated into the new culture so well that I completely disintegrated. 

I experienced the deep, spiky pain women feel when they don’t know how to create a meaningful life in a new situation.  

The day I found myself holding onto a lamp post to keep myself from stepping onto the train tracks, it was clear something had to change. And it was me.

I learned to be guided by my deep soul truth and to work with my natural rhythms

I’ve spent more than 25 years in North America, Europe & the Middle East, studying, learning, practicing & guiding others on how to successfully create from your truth—regardless of the culture around you, whether it’s home, religious or business culture, while being cognizant of the reality of where you are.  (see full bio  here).

I help women building micro-businesses abroad get clarity so they can turn their inkling of an idea into a project and finally move forward & live life their way

As an Intuitive Soul Clarity Guide I offer flexible mix-and-match services including one-on-one sessions & seasonal events. (see full services here).